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Authorized Representation

We hold your License and provide you legal representation in Pakistan.

Authorized Representation/License Holding

RA Healthcare’s License holding/Authorized representation services can help you ensure compliance and open doors to success in the Pakistani healthcare sector. Our experts have the ability to navigate complicated legal frameworks, and makes sure that the legal requirements are strictly followed. Our knowledge of the dynamic global regulatory environment and our tailored solutions can help guide you around regulatory restrictions, hasten market entrance, and reduce paperwork.

As the world evolves around us, it can get challenging to keep up with everything, so businesses need to evolve too in order to lower non-compliance risks, increase trust, and build strategic partnerships by appointing reputable firms like RA Healthcare. Join forces with us to get a competitive edge, and enter the market quickly and with ease.

Special care is taken with storage and warehousing to ensure that the conditions are appropriate for the products that need to be accommodated. Our distribution network covers all major cities of Pakistan and also has access to remote areas of Pakistan.

Industries We Support


As part of our authorized representation services, we specialize in representing pharmaceutical companies, ensuring their products receive the necessary approvals and market authorizations. Our dedicated team of experts navigates complex regulatory frameworks, streamlining the process of bringing innovative pharmaceutical solutions to the market. With a deep understanding of industry guidelines and compliance requirements, we provide comprehensive support, enabling pharmaceutical companies to expand their reach and impact.


Our authorized representation services extend to the realm of biologicals, where we assist manufacturers in gaining the necessary approvals and licenses for their advanced biological products. We work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with stringent safety and efficacy standards. By leveraging our expertise and established networks, we facilitate the entry of biologicals into the market, fostering advancements in medical science and improving patient outcomes.

Medical Devices

RA Healthcare offers authorized representation services for medical device manufacturers seeking to navigate the regulatory landscape efficiently. We guide our clients through the complex processes of product registration, quality assurance, and compliance with industry standards. With a focus on patient safety and product efficacy, we facilitate the market entry of cutting-edge medical devices, ensuring they meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

Herbal & Medicated Cosmetics

Our authorized representation services encompass the realm of herbal and medicated cosmetics. We assist manufacturers in obtaining the necessary approvals and registrations for their products, ensuring compliance with regulations specific to cosmetics. Our team possesses deep knowledge of the formulation, labeling, and safety requirements for herbal and medicated cosmetics. Through our representation, we enable manufacturers to bring their innovative and safe cosmetic products to the market, meeting the growing consumer demand for natural and effective solutions.

OTC & Food Supplements

RA Healthcare provides authorized representation services for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and food supplements. We assist manufacturers in obtaining the required licenses, approvals, and registrations for their OTC products and food supplements. With a focus on product safety and regulatory compliance, we navigate the complex landscape of regulations and ensure adherence to labeling and packaging requirements. Our expertise in this area enables manufacturers to confidently bring their OTC and food supplement products to the market, catering to the diverse needs of consumers.

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